Thursday 17th January – Souvenir Shopping and Flamenco Music

Another quiet day helping Frances with her computer, getting rid of some ants and sweeping up in her garden. As there is no wifi at the house in Oatley I journey to Gloria Jean’s coffee shop in the village to upload this blog and marvel at the diversity of ages (but not colour!) in the community.

After a pea and lettuce soup lunch, Chris and I travelled back to Circular Quay to buy a few souvenir presents for people back home and meet up with Jo after work. We walked up the Rocks to the Lord Nelson Hotel which brews its own beer – very nice too. So after a couple of glasses and a bowl of chunky chips (very healthy!) we met with Hamish at the Spanish Club near Town Hall. Jo and Hamish’s housemate, Keyna, plays the flute in a flamenco band every Thursday night. Tully and is parents were there too and we had a great evening eating tapas and listening to some wonderful music – what a talented lot her band are. They are called Pena Flamenca Sydney and can be found on Facebook.

About Peter's Travel Blogs

This blog records my journeys around the world. There are currently 2: one in Southern Africa where I went on a 5 week sabbatical in 2007 and another in Australia & New Zealand in 2012.
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