Wednesday 16th January – Royal National Park

The week has been hotting up as Sydney starts to experience another bout of blistering temperatures. Just after their wedding, Jo and Hamish took some of their friends to the Royal National Park which is an hour south of Sydney. They had recommended the walks along the jagged coast, so we thought we would follow in their footsteps. As it was likely to be too hot to walk in the afternoon we set out in the morning and were not particularly hampered by the traffic. We stopped at the car park at W???? where a creek has formed a lagoon next to the beach. We managed about a kilometre walk before it became too hot and we returned to the lagoon for a swim and sandwiches. The area was getting even busier as we left: admittedly it is the summer holidays but it was going to be extremely hot for the next few hours on that beach.

A couple of hours by the pool at Oatley solved the problem of what to do in the heat and I managed to make some headway in the couple of books I want to finish before I leave. In the evening I took a train across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Chatswood where I met Ian Edwards (Malcolm’s younger brother ) who I used to play soccer with in South Africa. He drove us to Mossman Bay where we had fish and chips (and a couple of beers) at the Rowers Club overlooking the boats and ferry terminal and watched over by some very expensive apartments. Ian moved to Australia just after Malcolm in the 1990s and is well established in Sydney along with several other renegades who I knew in Joburg in the mid 1980s.

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This blog records my journeys around the world. There are currently 2: one in Southern Africa where I went on a 5 week sabbatical in 2007 and another in Australia & New Zealand in 2012.
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