Monday 21st January – Goodbye Sydney

This will be my last blog posting in Australia; my next one will be from the UK where we arrive on Tuesday morning. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Oatley at 7am to update this blog ahead of getting started on the challenging job of packing all our stuff into two suitcases and two carry-on bags. It is quite quiet here and just warming up nicely; I think we can expect a warm and sunny day. However, I have just checked the weather in London and the flight details. It would seem there has been snow in the UK with more snow expected in the south east, flights out of Heathrow have been cancelled over the last few days, and flights into Heathrow have been delayed. It looks as if we might be delayed about three hours. Not looking forward to the journey.

So after packing we are going to take Frances out to lunch in Oatley to say a very big thank you for her generous hospitality over the last week. It has been wonderful being able to stay in one place for a week and not have to pack our suitcases and move on every other day. Thank you Frances. We need to check in on time at Sydney airport for our flight at 5.30pm even if we are delayed for a few hours in Singapore. So we will leave Oatley around 2pm and hopefully find our way to the airport without the benefit of a satnav.

So goodbye Sydney; farewell Australia and New Zealand. It has been a wonderful adventure. Over the next week I plan to post some reflections on the time we have spent away and what we are thinking of doing next. So, dear reader, don’t go away just yet……!

About Peter's Travel Blogs

This blog records my journeys around the world. There are currently 2: one in Southern Africa where I went on a 5 week sabbatical in 2007 and another in Australia & New Zealand in 2012.
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1 Response to Monday 21st January – Goodbye Sydney

  1. Cathy Maden says:

    Hi Peter
    It’s been great reading your Aussie travels sitting here at a desk in the UK. Thanks for all the time & effort – it was worth it! I won’t say have a good trip back as I know it’ll be awful and as usual, the UK has ground to a halt! Cathy x

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