Sunday 20th January – Last visit to Ashbury and Almost a Cricket Match

So, our penultimate day in Australia and we had planned to spend it with Jo and Hamish. After a swim in the pool at Oatley (not the same when the sun isn’t out and it’s only 23 degrees outside!) we drove over to Ashbury. We had a lovely prawn and cheese lunch with Keyna and Tully discussing the messages from the film the previous evening.

And then we went our separate ways. As a result of submitting a photo of the wedding cricket match to a Radio 702 Backyard Cricket competition, Hamish and Jo had won a number of tickets to the One Day International cricket match series (Australia v Sri Lanka). So as Hamish took me along today. We missed the start due to our leisurely lunch but Australia’s batting only became inspiring at the tail end which resulted in a total of 223 (not so bad). After the ghastly interval entertainment (a rap band from the UK) Sri Lanka started to bat but after four overs the rain came down. We made a quick exit as we didn’t expect the rain to let up and in hindsight we made a good decision.

Chris and Jo took a somewhat different route! They went to Newtown to see if they could buy some shoes for Jo but sadly were unsuccessful. To make up for this, they went for a drink in a local hostelry where friends gathered before the evening service at St Stephen’s. We all met back in Ashbury around 9pm for a bite to eat before Chris and I returned to Oatley without the use of the satnav (as we had returned it to its rightful owners).

This was the last time we would see Jo and Hamish as we return to the UK tomorrow.  It has been wonderful being able to see them over the last three months and this will have to make do until we see them on Skype and when they hopefully come over to the UK in July. A few tears were shed as we drove away but we appreciate how fortunate we have been  to be able to take this time out to visit them.

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This blog records my journeys around the world. There are currently 2: one in Southern Africa where I went on a 5 week sabbatical in 2007 and another in Australia & New Zealand in 2012.
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